This is the most common grass that people want in their yard. This is a blend with multiple types of the latest genetics of bluegrass and just a pinch of ryegrass. Why rye? Ryegrass helps with color, durability, and even some common disease that we face here in the west. So when you think of water fights, 4th of July, and snow cones, think of Barefoot Blue!

Pros - Color, soft, self-repairing, drought tolerant (you still have to water), and disease resistant (to some common diseases).

Cons - Not the best in shade, weekly mowing, higher fertility program (2-3 times/ year)

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    This a new blend that we are really excited about. Mowers Magic will be giving you and your mower a vacation for two away from your grass! That’s right, this latest genic bluegrass by Idaho’s own Simplot has come up with a way to slow the growth of the grass by letting is crown out earlier than most bluegrasses. Its dark green and very soft. So instead of mowing keep on grillin’ and chillin’ during the summer! Limited quantity available

    Pros - Slow growth, dark green, happy dads although you would be surprised on how many people love to mow their lawn.

    Cons - Only one variety (not as diversified like our other grasses), sad moms because usually when dad is out mowing mom doesn’t have to deal with another child, aka dad.

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